Sunday, 8 July 2012


I had an oak book shelf that was originally made for my daughters for their books when they were young.
I was really starting to hate that oak colour.  I started thinking of what else can this oak bookshelf become?
Already served it's purpose as a book shelf, now it was going to become, A COCKTAIL BAR.

Here is an example of what the shelf looked like before

I sanded the shelf, as it was sealed with some type of shiny finish, then primed it.
I used a semigloss brown paint for the whole shelf.  Removed some of the shelves, to suit my new bar.
I also added a mirror to the back, to give it more light and create reflection.

Purchased a wine glass rack and installed it to the top shelf.

Added the most important part, the and there you have it.  My new bar.  Ready for a drink?

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