Sunday, 30 December 2012


Well, have I been lazy these days.  I am recovering from the hustle and bustle of Christmas.
I have been missing y'all.  What has everyone been up to?

This has got to be the quickest project that I have done in a long time!  Sooooo fast.  I love it.

What does everyone do with their Christmas cards?

 I have cut mine up for next year to use as gift tags!
Yes, I am thinking ahead.  They make great tags.  You can cut them into any size you like.

I think they look great!  What do you think?
Take a look.

This year, I hung my cards on dog wood branches that were placed in a white vase.
Used scotch tape to adhere them to the branches from the back of the cards.

Lots of pretty cards!

Don't forget to keep the precious cards with pictures of the little ones.  No cutting up here.

I used a cutting mat.   You can also stack a number of newspapers.

You will need a nice sharp exacto knife, and a strong ruler or some sort of straight edge.

I got two gift tags out of this card!

And here they all are ready for next year.  Cost me nothing, and are originals too!

This is my silly daughter with her face under  the glass

I would love to hear what y'all do with your Christmas cards?

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  1. Those are super cute! Thank you for sharing this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Thanks for commenting Kathryn. I need to start posting tomorrow, so I can show my prettiness.

      Hugs and happy new year.