Saturday, 1 December 2012


I have stepped outdoors to start the Christmas decorating!

I love looking in the neighbourhood and seeing all the lights, and all the great decorating during this time of year.  Looks so beautiful.

I thought I would put the focus this year on the front door and entrance.  I have two columns on my front entrance and wanted to do something other than wrapping greenery around them.

During heavy winds from Hurricane Sandy this year, my whole forsythia bush was knocked down behind the garage.  Not happy about that, but as  they say when given lemons make
I turned these branches into Christmas decor.

Take a look:

I gathered some branches that measured about 12 feet tall.  Secured  them together near the bottom with plastic ties.  You can use anything to secure them.   You can even spray paint them if you like.  I chose to keep them as they were.

I added some lights around them, and positioned them in front of my pillars.

Got my urns ready.  The ivy was there during the summer, and it keeps rather well during the winter, so I thought I would leave it in this year.  I love when something can do double
Added some pine branches, which by the way, were free, as a neighbour at my moms place had just cut a tree down,  added a  huge white mesh bow, which also were used for decorating for a wedding,  and some silk poinsettias, and voila,  done.

Night view


  1. It looks beautiful! Found you on bloggymoms and now am following. I love to DIY.

  2. your entrance looks fabulous!! what a great idea with the forsythia! I love the sparkle of Christmas...
    I am your newest follower from the hop.. pls follow back if you can.