Friday, 17 August 2012


I have finally finished my bedroom makeover!  Take a look.

My vintage table turned bench.  What do you think?  How did it turn out?

I reupholstered this classic chair.  Gave it a funky fabric.

I love to display pictures in different ways.  These are on the floor.  Who said pictures need to be on walls.

I am so super excited with my new wall decor.  Can anyone guess what that is on the wall?

A closer view.

Inside I decided to purchase some inexpensive mirrored picture frames from the dollar store, and added some colour in it.  That is a sheet of paper from Michael's that is used for scrapbooking.  I love the pop of colour that it provides for my bedroom.

The LOVE wall decor was a DIY podge project.  Four pieces of wood, painted them white, and printed some letters from the computer, and put them on.  Easy peasy.

Here is my rug.  The rug that I wanted was way too expensive.  So I got myself some very luxurious......
faux  I folded and stitched the edges by hand.  No sewing machine necessary.

I didn't want to take a flip on it, so I added a strip of non skid material all the way around.

My ensuite bathroom in the background.

This is my padded headboard that I created a number of years ago.  They are six separate panels, and they are held together with wood straps in the back, and hung on the wall.

DIYed the curtain panels with tabs on the top, from a veleveteen type fabric.

This pillow is pure luxury, so no one can use  It is made from an old mink stole which I turned into a really nice pillow, but NO ONE, can use it.

Yup, fake flowers....

No my bathroom ensuite is not blue.  There is a skylight in it, and I guess the flash from my camera and the skylight created a blue hue.

My fab. wasili chair.

Ok, now I will tell you what that decor on the wall really is.
Here is a picture.

It is my rubber door mat!

  I really wanted to put some ceiling medallions on the wall, but I needed a lot of them, and it would have cost me way too much.  I had just been to the Home Depot, and saw a medallion that had a design that looked just like my door mat.  When I got home and stepped on it, I thought, hey I am going to use this.

I cut the center piece out, which gave me two pieces to work with.

I primed and painted it white, and was ready to hang.

These are the frames that I bought.  Two dollars each at the dollar store.

My sheet of paper.  They have so many different patterns and colours, that you can decorate for very little.
I picked a very rich deep red print of roses.  Very sexy and romantic.

Here they are ready to be hung.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I am in the process of updating my bedroom, and was thinking of putting a bench at the foot of the bed.  Oh, I have seen them at the high end stores anywhere from $1000 to $2000, but who wants to spend that kind of money?  Nope, not me.  I found this amazing coffee table at the vintage shop, that was just wanting to come home with me. 

Here it is looking like it had better

First, I removed the legs, and sanded.  I really hate doing this, because I need to get to the fun  A very important step in doing a good job.

I also sanded the sides of the table, as that is the only section that I will be painting.

Used an all purpose primer for the legs and the sides of the table.

                                 All done!

I used a spray adhesive to hold down the foam that I am going to put on the table.

I used a one inch foam for the top.

I added batting to the top of the foam so you can get a really nice smooth curved edge.

 Wrapped my fabric, and used my staple gun to adhere it.

For the corners, which is an area that has excess fabric, I gathered it and stapled it, making it look as neat as possible, and putting in as many staples as you need to.
Cut the fabric close to the stapled edge.  You can add some cord to the underneath, to give you a nice finished edge, though you will not be seeing this anyway.  
 Here it is, all done!  The top part anyway. 

Check back, and I am hoping to get this baby into my bedroom by the end of the week.

I have created a rug from faux fur....and some wall decorations that y'all will be laughing when I tell you what I used.  Promise, you will laugh, or think I have completely lost my marbles.....yup that's me, kooky.

Friday, 10 August 2012


I am so super happy about these napkin rings that I made.  You can make them and decorate them for any occasion.  Weddings, birthday parties, special occasions, picnics, or for any occasion that you want to add a little personality to your table.  

Take a look.  With this one, I added a strip of rhinestone mesh in silver, and  a string of beads.

You will not believe what I used to make them.  No way, never in a million

You can add any type of trim.  Here I gave it a fringe treatment.

A butterfly.

A little silk flower with a little bling in the middle.  I love bling.....

Any colour material that you like.

More bling in the middle.

Any ribbon, of any colour and size can be added.


Ok, the above picture with the grean leaf is the "napkin ring" in it's natural state, before adding your touch. 

Any guesses out there?

Here it is, 10 feet of it, ready to cut.  

This is construction steel strapping.  Used to hold pipes up or some other things that I don't know.  It is 3/4 inches thick.

Cut it to desired length using aluminum snippers.

Sand the cut ends so they are nice and smooth, and then you can bend them into a circle using pliers.  Takes a little bit of time to make them look perfectly round.

You can weave any ribbon through the holes, or anything you can think of if you want.  

You can paint them any colour.  The list is endless on what you can do with this steel strapping.

I bet no one guessed?  It is amazing what you can get at your local hardware store and turn them into something else.

Hope you liked them and thanks for looking.